Dirac Nanotecnology
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“We are Dirac”

Company profile

We are Dirac — a start-up in nanotechnology — founded by the mechanical and nanotechnology engineer, Federico, and the young entrepreneur Davide. 

Dirac began working with the development of incredible surface treatment, called nanocoatings. It then sought solutions to bring nanotechnology into the lives of all people through the development of revolutionary products.

During our path toward achieving our goals, we brought together the most qualified team, which aims to establish itself as a pioneer of this revolutionary technology — thanks to the development of innovative applications. 


Dirac Nanotechnology was founded in 2018 by Federico and Davide, both sharing the desire to bring nanotechnology closer to real-world applications.

During its activity, many professionals joined Dirac, adding value to the Company. 

This allowed the team to developed high-level expertise in the field of characterization of functional nanomaterials, and the idea of applying these new technologies to solutions for everyone. 


We want to create and develop the most advanced nanotechnological solutions, in order to help improving existing products and materials, keeping an eye toward the environment.


We believe in a smarter world, where innovation and technology simplify and improve modern people’s quality of life, helping them to find the lost equilibrium with the surrounding nature.