Dirac Nanotecnology
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In order to have clean air to breathe, we can count on a new innovative purification technology that solves the problems that deemed the old one, while introducing new and improved standards for air quality.

The mean to reach our aim is Albero, a revolutionary PCO air purifier* developed from recent scientific discoveries. 

Thanks to specifically designed nanomaterials, we were able to create the most efficient and powerful air purifier in the world, capable of eliminating harmful pollutants without impacting the environment. His unique design summons the natural lines of a tree, so that it can be placed seamlessly in every context, both indoor and outdoor. 

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*Patent pending

This technology emulates the breath of the nature

Just like photosyntesis transforms toxic substances into nutrients and minerals, Albero acts on pollution transforming pollutants into pure air through a revolutionary mineralization process.