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Breath Pure Air

The Albero Gamma, a groundbreaking series of advanced nanotechnological systems specifically developed to purify indoor and outdoor spaces. Our product line comprises two indoor air purifiers - Albero Home and Albero Space, as Diracll as an outdoor air purifier called Albero Urban.


Discover  Albero Home,  a perfect device for small to medium spaces. 


Explore Albero Space, the perfect device for medium to large spaces.

PHOTO-2023-03-03-16-15-39 (2).jpg


Introducing Albero Urban, the flagship of the Gamma Tree series—an innovation designed for expansive indoor or outdoor areas. A visionary solution for a future where safety from air pollution is paramount.


Albero products are equipped with IoT systems and sensors able to accurately detect the presence of every harmful pollutant in the surroundings. This feature is a distinctive element that grants the effectiveness and efficiency of Albero products that can automatically plan their own activity in order to maximize the purifying effect by avoiding any waste.

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