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Our Nanotechnology

Dirac nanotechnology harmoniously emulates natural tree respiration, drawing inspiration from chlorophyll photosynthesis.

Photocatalysis is a promising technology to solve the environmental problems caused by organic e inorganic pollutants, a serious threat to the ecosystems and human health.

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The Technology 

By utilizing photocatalysis, it effortlessly converts pollutants into harmless substances. Its sustainable advantage lies in its non- consumable nature, eliminating the need for replacement and promoting long-term effectiveness.


How it's works

Photocatalytic  technology stands out as a "green" and effective strategy for environmental remediation. This process converts photonic energy into chemical energy, capable of transforming air pollution into harmless substances.



Dirac is a leading innovator in the development of comprehensive emission reduction and control systems designed to address various environmental conditions and usage scenarios.



Using machine learning systems, the purification performance is optimized over time according to pollution concentration and utilization.


Nanotechnology Filter

Dirac has pioneered an advanced filter, integrating proprietary nanocatalysts and honeycomb filtration to effectively eliminate pollutants from the air.


Filter Material & Geometry

The photocatalyst is coated onto the surface of a honeycomb-shaped filter. As air passes through the channel of the filter structure, the nanocatalyst is activated by the light, reacts with the pollutants, breaking them down into less harmful compounds.



The nanotechnology filters boast a maintenance-free feature, eliminating the need for periodic replacements. The applied nanotechnologies on the filter remain inert in the chemical reaction, ensuring they are not consumed during the process.


High Purification

Pollutant molecules traverse the channel, they encounter free radicals generated by the nanocatalyst, initiating an oxidation process that transforms them into harmless solid substances. These transformed particles are then deposited on the surface of the filter.


Versatile Shape & Size

Nano Filters can be customized to any shape and size, ensuring both purification efficiency and durability are maintained.

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